Be a Better Content Writer: 5 Simple Habits

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One of my favorite things about writing is that, in practice, it feels like a modern art. It’s hard to fake a talent for good writing, as it remains to be an area within the digital sphere where quality can’t be automated.

What I will say I’ve noticed, specifically among younger content writers and bloggers, is a slight deterioration in the practice of content writing. Maybe it’s due to the demanding deadlines that content writing requires, or maybe it’s just becoming increasingly difficult to write something that hasn’t already been said. Or maybe it’s just because that’s what happens when we write for a living and reach the inevitable content burnout. Whatever the case may be, there are certain habits we as writers can nurture and develop to remain insp…

I'm in Love with a Tool, SEMrush Video Changelog, 06/17/2016

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I'm in Love with a Tool, SEMrush Video Changelog, 06/17/2016

This SEMrush video changelog details the most recent updates to our SMM (Social Media), SEO Ideas and My Reports tool.

Five of the most interesting search marketing news stories of the week

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It’s Friday once again, and time for a round-up from the world of search marketing.

This week we have App Store search ads, the ability to compare search queries in Search Console, and more ad tests from Google…

Web users think most outbound links are commercial

A study by Dan Petrovic, aka @DejanSEO, looked at the attitudes of 2,000 web users in the US and Australia around the reasons why web publishers link out.

The research found that more than 40% of users think that outbound links another are there because they generate revenue for the publisher.

‘Marketing Advertising & Revenue’ was seen to be the number one reason why a link exists, with almost a third of users expecting there to be some sort of commercial arrangement behind links.

<img class="alignnone size-large wp-image-61222" src="×536.png" alt="outbound links study 2…

Top 5 Joomla SEO Plugin Extensions

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2012 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Downloading free plugins takes about two minutes, so it’s worth it for a small business owner or blogger to try a couple different plugins until the website is perfect. SEO plugins are a great way to help make sure you’re optimizing your content for search engines, but there are so many to different choices that it can feel overwhelming—especially if you own a Joomla site.

Joomla sites are popular because they are easy to use, easy to customize, and put a large emphasis on content management. Despite that degree of user-friendliness, it’s still necessary for a Joomla owner to download at least one SEO plugin in order to ensure that the site is ranking wel…

How to Use BigQuery for Large-Scale SEO (Or Whenever Excel Fails)

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Posted by Dom-Woodman

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What will this post help you do

Work with very large amounts of data.

E.g. internal link audits, backlink audits, log file analysis

Perform complicated queries on data quickly.
Improve how you work on problems by forcing you define exactly what you’re looking for, rather than wandering aimlessly through data.
What do we do when the workhorse fails?

What do you do when Excel fails? Maybe you have more than a millions row of data. Perhaps you’ve tried to filter a large dataset with a VLOOKUP and Excel has decided to lay down and die. Excel is a fantastic tool, but that doesn’t mean it’s what we should use for everything.

What should you use?

The traditional answer is SQL, but setting up a SQL server if you haven’t done it and you’re not technical is a challenge. The free interfaces for working with it are typically very visually busy and not intuitive for those looking t…

What to Do When the Wrong Page Ranks for Your Keyword(s) – Whiteboard Friday

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Posted by randfish

Picture this: You discover that your site is ranking for a keyword you’ve been targeting. Cause for celebration, right? But what if that ranking page is irrelevant, wrong, or simply not the best choice? This situation is more common than you might think, and results in a good deal of frustration for SEOs. Rand shows you how to cope when you find that your valuable queries are sending traffic to the wrong URLs in today’s Whiteboard Friday.

Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high resolution version in a new tab!

Video Transcription

Howdy, Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. This week we’re chatting about what to do when the wrong page is ranking for the keywords that you care about. T…

Discovery Thursday: SEMrush Domain Overview

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Discovery Thursday: SEMrush Domain Overview

There may come times within your digital marketing campaign where you need to get quick information on a domain. This could be a domain you have just come across within your marketing research or a domain you have been keeping your eye on for a while. But where do you start? How do you find the information you are looking for or know what information to look for? Well, with SEMrush, thats how!

4 Signs It’s Time to Invest in a Website Redesign

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Website maintenance is a lot like the upkeep of a store’s physical location: expensive, time consuming, but completely necessary for a positive customer experience. The architecture and aesthetics of the web change at a rapid pace, making it easy to find your site antiquated and in dire need of updating. Users are now browsing the web from different devices, and the best practices of effectively reaching consumers are evolving at an equal pace.

Search engine algorithms are constantly updating to factor website design and usability into their rankings. So, if the internet is like a giant shopping mall, your website is your storefront. Thus, having a compelling website is a precondition for leads, conversions, clicks, and sales. Identifying whether or not your site is in ne…

11 of the Best Responsive WordPress Themes by @devesh

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WordPress is by far one of the most preferred CMS platforms on the web. Today we are going to take a look at some of the Best WordPress themes available.

The post 11 of the Best Responsive WordPress Themes by @devesh appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Optimizing for Accessibility + SEO: Images, Video and Non-Text Elements

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Posted by Laura.Lippay

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(header photo is the search result for “scene” in the Blind Photographers Flickr photo pool.)

In the first two posts in this series we covered site and page structure overlaps, and formatting and linking overlaps. In this final post we’ll cover accessibility and SEO overlaps when coding for media elements.

Images and non-text elements

As you can imagine, images online can be problematic for visually impaired visitors to decipher, but luckily we’re using technology here so you and I can help solve that issue with the proper coding on and around images and non-text elements.

Some examples of images and non-text elements are:

Images, including graphs and charts, word art, decorative and background images, webcam images, photographs
Image maps
Graphical buttons

Here are some of the things you can optimize around images and non-te…